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Hair Care Between Salon Visits
By Bliss Winnetka | October 31, 2020

Once you’ve stepped out of the salon and you’re blissfully happy with your new hairstyle or hair color from Bliss Salon, you want it to look perfect until your next visit. Keeping your hair looking great is easy with a few easy tips for hair care between salon visits.

Reduce the shampooing. Most of us shampoo more often than we need to. Shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils, which is what keeps it soft and moisturized, so professional stylists recommend shampooing only two to three times a week to keep your hair clean and healthy-looking. Use a dry shampoo on those in-between days to keep your hair feeling fresh. 

Lower the heat. Heat dries out hair, whether it’s from the sun, hot water, or heated styling tools. To protect your hair from damage and drying, try to reduce exposure to heat overall. In the shower, turn back the heat a notch when rinsing. To cut down on heat damage from styling tools, try a new style that uses less heat or apply a heat protectant before styling.

Condition regularly. Hair needs conditioning to stay soft and hydrated, even oily hair. The trick is using the right conditioner formula for your hair type. Invest in professional conditioning products like leave-in conditioners that you can use on days that you don’t shampoo – ask your stylist to recommend the right professional product for your hair. Well-conditioned hair is softer, has fewer tangles, and reflects light better so your color looks more vibrant.

Invest in a high-quality brush. Using the right tools is also important for healthy-looking hair. Boar bristle brushes are the best choice because their natural bristles are gentle on hair. Each time you brush, you distribute natural oils on the strands, so it’s important to do so gently to prevent breakage.

Plan your next appointment now. Finally, be sure to schedule your next appointment before you walk out of the salon. That way, you’ll be sure to keep your hair looking perfect with any touch-ups or trims your hair needs to stay beautiful. 

Due for a new cut or color? Let the professional stylists at Bliss Salon of Winnetka give you the perfect cut or gorgeous new color for your individual style. You can find us at 818 Elm Street in Winnetka, and to make an appointment today, call us at 847-446-9555 or book an appointment online at your convenience. We’re excited about helping you look and feel beautiful all year long!


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