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Gorgeous Fall Highlight Shades for Fall 2020
By Bliss Winnetka | October 14, 2020

Fall is here, and those changing leaves on the trees remind us of just how beautiful color can be. You can get the same great look with your hair, with highlights designed to give you that amazing autumn glow. There are so many shades to choose from, and here are a few of our favorites that we’re seeing for this season.

Pastel peach. This highlight color is reminiscent of the rose gold trend we saw last year. Pastel peach is more subtle than a fantasy shade, giving you just a hint of golden pastel that’s softer and just a tad more understated. Try it as a delicate highlight shade to warm up a darker base color for fall.

Cinnamon balayage. Balayage is popular for its uniqueness, and rightfully so. This style of the highlight is painted in freehand style, rather than wrapped in chunks like foils. Cinnamon is the perfect fall shade for a mocha brunette base using red-bronze highlights. It’s warm, adds a light-reflecting dimension, and gives you that subtle hint of red without a full commitment.

Chocolate chai. Chai is tea, and this color is a perfect match for deep chocolate roots and undertones. Choose a balayage highlight for this gorgeous fall shade to get gentle wisps of chai against your rich chocolate base color.

Vacation blonde. Even though vacation plans were canceled for most of us this summer, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have gorgeous sun-kissed highlights as our new fall color. For this shade, the base is a light brown or dirty blonde, with bright blonde highlights mimicking that sun-bleached look.

Chunky platinum. Another option for blondes is to go bold and beautiful, with chunky bright highlights that really get you noticed. While many blondes go a shade darker in the fall, chunky platinum is a great choice for those bold adventure-seekers.

Striking red. Want to go red this fall? You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous striking red highlight for bold color that looks great with most any complexion. Mix it in with blonde or brunette but go for lots of red highlights for that daring, Hollywood-style color.

Light red highlights. It’s usually a rare sight to find true red highlights, but this fall we’re seeing a lot of it in the gorgeous new trends for fall 2020. Light red highlights look absolutely stunning against a deep mocha base color, adding a luscious hue that can be subtle or more abundant.

Those are just a few examples of fun new highlight trends for this fall. Want to warm up with highlights or try a whole new color? Make an appointment at Bliss Salon of Winnetka and our expert colorists will help you choose the perfect new color for you! Visit our salon at 818 Elm Street in Winnetka, call us at 847-446-9555, or book an appointment onlineat your convenience. We love to help you look and feel beautiful

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