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Get Professional Services in Your Home with Bliss at Home!
By Bliss Winnetka | September 14, 2020

Here at Bliss Salon of Winnetka, we’re thrilled to have our salon open for business, but we know that some of our clients still need to limit those trips out of the home and may be reluctant to visit a salon. We don’t want anyone to have to sacrifice the salon services you love, so we’ve created Bliss At Home, our exciting new program that lets you get the same professional salon services you adore from our salon right in the privacy of your own home! We’ve had lots of clients ask about our new Bliss at Home services, and here are some of the most frequently asked questions answered for you. 

Which services can I receive at home?

We have a full menu of services available for Bliss at Home, including hair services like cutting, styling, deep conditioning, and hair color and highlighting, and nail services like manicures, pedicures, and hand treatments. Coming soon, we’ll also be able to provide BOTOX® treatments in your home.

Where will I get the services at my home?

We’ll provide services wherever you feel comfortable, whether it’s in your garage, on your porch, outdoors in your backyard – wherever you feel comfortable having your salon services performed. 

What safety precautions will my salon professional practice?

All salon professionals are trained in the latest COVID-19 safety protocols and will wear protective gear like face masks and face shields. They will also undergo temperature checks and health screening before visiting your home, and all tools and equipment will be fully sanitized before the visit. 

What safety precautions do I need to practice?

We’ll send you a COVID-19 health screening questionnaire to fill out within 24 hours of our visit. If you or any of your household members are feeling ill, we’ll ask you to reschedule with no cancellation fee. Please be mindful of six-foot social distancing protocols. You may wear a mask if you’d like, but we understand and respect that our clients may not want to wear a face mask in their own home.

Will I need any products or equipment?

We’ll bring all the tools and products we need for your services, which is why we will ask you in advance exactly which services you would like. If you’re coloring your hair and are uncertain of the shade, we’ll do a virtual color consultation before your Bliss at Home appointment so you can choose the shade you want and your stylist can bring it to your home. For most hair services, we may ask you to have your hair washed in advance unless shampooing is required for your service. If so, we can shampoo your hair in a sink or, if we’re providing services outdoors, with a garden hose. 

Can multiple household members get services on the same day?

Yes! When you book your Bliss at Home appointment, schedule appointments for everyone who is getting services and provide information about which services each person will need. That way, your salon professional can plan enough time and bring everything needed for everyone’s services. 

Are there any fees or minimum costs?

Our Bliss at Home service requires a minimum of $42 in-salon services for your stylist or nail technician to come to your home. There is also a $25 in-home service fee and mileage reimbursement fees for your salon professional. Currently, we’re accepting only credit card payments for Bliss at Home services. 

We’re thrilled to provide our professional services to you at home! It’s easy to schedule your Bliss at Home appointment at Bliss Salon of Winnetka. Just call or text us at 847-446-9555 or book your appointment online today! 

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