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Get Gorgeous Nails and More with Regular Manicures
By Bliss Winnetka | August 15, 2020

Everyone wants gorgeous nails, but did you know that regular manicures give you even more benefits for your skin and nails? When you come into Bliss Salon once a month or more for a fun, relaxing manicure, you’ll also enjoy these health benefits.


Clean, soft skin. The extra care of a professional nail technician means your hands and nails get the right cleansing and moisturizing that you might not get at home. Nail technicians have an arsenal of professional products specifically formulated for different needs, so your Bliss Salon nail technician will choose the best products for you. The result is soft, clean, healthy skin.


Better circulation. An important part of every manicure is the massage, which helps stimulate circulation – for both blood and your lymphatic system. That means more oxygen to your cells from better blood circulation as well as toxin removal from your lymphatic system, so you get healthier skin and nails overall. 


Get a jump on infections. Most nail infections are hard to spot until they get serious, but professional nail technicians, especially when they see your hands regularly, can find those troublesome issues before they become problematic. Our Bliss Salon nail technicians can use special techniques to address possible problems before they become unsightly and painful.


Boost your confidence. Everyone sees your hands, whether at the office or when hanging around with friends, and you want them to look their best. With a fresh manicure every 3 or 4 weeks, your hands and nails will always look great, so you’ll be ready to face the world with more confidence every day. 


Beautiful nails. Of course, one of the biggest benefits of regular manicures is looking great. With options like French manicures and gel, dip, and powder manicures with a variety of colors and nail art options, our professional nail technicians at Bliss Salon are ready to help you look and feel beautiful! 

Get great looking nails for this summer and beyond. Make an appointment at Bliss Salon of Winnetka and our expert nail technicians will give you the look you want. Visit our salon at 818 Elm Street in Winnetka, call us at 847-446-9555, or book an appointment online at your convenience. We’re excited to see you here!

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