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Accentuate Your Eyes at Bliss Salon
By Bliss Winnetka | August 31, 2020

These days when we wear face masks almost everywhere we go, the eyes have become the big focus. Makeup can really help your eyes pop, and one of the easiest ways to show off attention-getting eyes is with thick, full, luscious lashes. Most of us need a little help from the experts here at Bliss Salon to get the show-stopping lashes we want, and there are plenty of options to make it happen. 

Makeup. Mascara and liners, as well as tools like lash curlers, are normally the go-to way to get the gorgeous lashes you want. This is a great temporary solution because it’s time-consuming, requiring a long routine every morning and usually some re-applying as the day wears on, and that can be a hassle every day. But if you have a special occasion coming up, let the makeup experts at Bliss Salon give you amazing looking eyes with a quick eyes-only makeup application.

Lash curl. Curling your lashes really makes your eyes pop. It not only makes them appear thicker and fuller but also makes your eyes appear more open, so it eliminates that tired look you might have with just your natural lashes. A professional lash curl treatment gives you that perfect look you get from using a lash curl tool every day – without the daily hassle. Think of it as a perm for your lashes, keeping them perfectly curled so you always look bright-eyed and alluring.

Lash tinting. Do your lashes seem to disappear into your lash line? Most of us wish our lashes were just a bit darker, and we normally reach for the mascara to get this effect. But you can get the same look that lasts for weeks – without the mascara – with professional lash tinting. The process is quick and easy, tinting your lashes with a waterproof, gentle dye that lets you wake up every morning with beautiful lashes that look longer and thicker, without bothering with makeup.

Lash extensions. Extensions give you that rich, dramatic look that really wakes up your eye makeup. You’ve seen the look everywhere, and extensions have become even more popular – and for good reason. Professional extensions give you an amazing, thick, dark lash look that really gets your eyes noticed. They work by attaching an extension to each of your natural lashes, adding thickness and color that you just can’t get without spending hours perfecting your makeup. The professional estheticians at Bliss Salon will help you choose the perfect thickness and color for the look you want. Once applied, your beautiful lashes will last for six to eight weeks. Because they shed along with your natural lash, you can come in for touch-ups to help the look last longer.

Get gorgeous lashes without all the hassle! Make an appointment at Bliss Salon of Winnetka and our professional estheticians will give you the perfect look to make your eyes pop! Visit our salon at 818 Elm Street in Winnetka, call us at 847-446-9555, or book an appointment online at your convenience. We’re excited about helping you look and feel beautiful!


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